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Transforming hours of monotony into nuggets of mindfulness.

From long drives to lacklustre commutes, with our range of transformative eBooks and audiobooks you can finally transform a dreary, monotonous journey into an enlightening few hours of mindful development.   Our mission is to bring the transformative power of reading to your world, because we believe that what you read and listen to can shape and enhance the way you live.

 The power of the transformed mind is the vehicle that drives life to great heights.

Our range of eBooks and audiobooks are the perfect solution for busy people who want to use their time on the go to improve the way you work, live and love.  If there is an area of your life that is need of improvement, we have the answer. Introducing Life Nuggets.

What is a life Nugget?

Life Nuggets is your ticket to a simple and uncomplicated life, with one bite per day.  They are those tiny and simple great habits and principles that give life some edge to accomplish purpose.  At Life Nuggets our mission is to help people love a full life, in which they accomplish all they desire to do.   Our bite size chunks of information will help you on your way to achieving your goals and developing freedom, power and self-belief.   Our life nuggets will equip you with the skills necessary to validate the power if the mind and release your inner abilities.

 “Life is a super structure with every law and principle of architecture applied-from foundation to completion. As a result, foresight is not the product of physical sight but vision, and failure is an event that failed to materialise and not a person that failed to achieve a purpose. With this in mind, the power to venture out is built within once more, which shows that failure is not final but the beginning of transformation of a great life.”

Founder Tony Uche Seed Okwum

Why choose Life Nuggets?

Short, sweet and full of life changing information, our potent collection of eBooks and audiobooks will transport you through one of your slow commutes, or help you mindfully relax after a long busy day.  Please peruse throughout range of Life Nuggets below and start your journey of manifestation today.

Life Nuggets is your own portable reading world ready to support you through life, assisting you in achieving your life goals.  If you are ready to stop idling your time and instead open your mind to opportunity download Life Nuggets at the App Store today.

Get started on Life Nuggets today.