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1. Once you become fearless, life becomes limitless. However, the greatest killer is fear. You can never truly live until you die to fear.

2. Freedom is priceless; your time in your hand is the greatest freedom. Don’t tie your life down by wasting time.

3. Nothing can stop a determined mind (faith). If it can’t break the wall, it will jump over it if it can’t find a way, it will make one.

4. Life makes more meaning when one understands the purpose of living. A life well spent is when we truly begin to make a positive difference.

5. The mind must be in proper condition to work, or it will shut down. When the mind shuts down, life shuts down with it.

6. The foundation of poverty is from the mind. People don’t just become poor overnight. They must have built the foundation in the mind before it manifests physically.

7. The best time to measure an individual’s capacity is during difficulties and not when everything is beautiful. Pressure reveals contents. What sustains a man is what was already built inside before the problems arose.

8. There are always benefits in adversity. Take advantage of adversity to produce sound and not more adversity. It’s the best time to build strength, character and capacity.

9. Pride is the unveiling of weakness. It’s the statement of inferiority and the empowerment of destruction. Pride is the exposing of hidden deficiency.

10. Never make a mockery of a man who is down today because he could be the man to lift you tomorrow. Things can turn around quickly.

11. Power is lawfully given, not forcefully taken. When power is forcefully taken, it doesn’t meet the purpose of its existence, and then it creates lawlessness.

12. Preparation, readiness and right timing are the most potent combinations that create a successful impact. Failure also needs preparation to succeed. Don’t be successful in loss.

13. In every individual lies the power of creativity, the ability to create changes and the power to make a choice. Make a choice to create what you want. You can’t change the past but you can create your future.

14. The mind is the most powerful wealth and spiritual force a man has that can withstand all other forces when trained, developed and equipped.

15. To capture a man’s life, you must first capture his mind. The mind is the life of the system. To destroy the whole system, first, capture the mind, and to build and enrich the whole system get the mind empowered.

16. Ignorance is never in short supply. It can keep you in the dark as long as it is permitted, but it takes understanding, boldness and determination to rise above the current level.

17. Wealth without purpose or acquired for personal use is the greatest poverty. At the end of the day, it will turn to vanity and a waste of time and life-life of no impact.
18. Life remains dull and laborious without vision, confidence and purpose. Everything you need in this life are all inside of you in the right proportion. It’s time to unleash them to liberate yourself and others.

19. The road you are planning to travel now has been travelled before by someone else. So it’s not impossible for you to travel if determined, and the required principles are applied. But make sure you travel the right road.

20. Patience rules where vision is delayed and vision resurrects where understanding is alive. Without vision life is not worth living. It’s a life in the dark.

21. Nothing in this life is a walk in the park because life doesn’t give you what you desire but what you demand with purpose. But make your life count even at the last count.

22. People have no problem following a man who can lead them to their destination. The problem sometimes is that people elect blind men to lead them. The worse blindness is when men who can see elect blind
men to lead them.

23. Before you pick a friend, consider the most important things: think, watch and observe. Determine and choose your friends, never allow them to determine and choose you.

24. When someone gives you his time, he has given you the most important part of his life: the best asset and the most valuable resources. Use it wisely and don’t misuse it. Never give your time to those who will waste it.

25. When truth is silenced, it’s never forever. Truth works with time. Time is the revelator and foundation of all events. When truth and time come together they give birth to light which expels darkness and lies.

26. What is life? It means Living in full empowerment (LIFE). Empowered to live right and empowered to have life and have it to the full. The joy of living to the full is making others full of life.

27. The essence of life is found in the very thing it was created to accomplish. A life that dared nothing and accomplished nothing is a wasted life.

28. Failure does not exist in the mind of a man addicted to vision until he succeeds. It’s actually success that creates failure. Failure is when success has failed to improve or replicate.

29. Leadership is a tool for direction, enrichment, empowerment and creation of orderliness. It’s not the enthronement of a terror or dictator but the lifting of the people to live life in full.

30. Great people are made by pressure just the way pressure makes diamond. Nobody just popped up. Nobody just appeared from nowhere. You simply didn’t know where they came from until they tell you.

31. In this life some people came and lived unnoticed and they left this life unnoticed, no impact and no reason to live, while others came also and changed things for good, and the day they left, heaven and earth noticed, mourned and rejoiced. Choose how you want to die and be remembered.

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“Visions remain mere dreams without the practical application of the laws and principles that govern such visions, because no vision comes to life without the deliberate and consistent pressure and demands upon the individual as a matter of necessity.”

Tony Uche Seed Okwum

All things done in life, and all things not done, are carried out with choice.  Most of us understand this to be the case.   However, every day people choose to do the same things, things which bring them no closer to the life they truly want.

If our quality of life is shaped by the choices we make, and those we do not, why are we not being more careful when choosing what to do and not do?  Surely, if we actively choose to do things in life to better our life, we would be happier as a result?  By following a set of core principles to live by, to inform our choices by, perhaps then we could achieve the better life we desire.

In his book, Ray Dalio, billionaire investor, hedge fund manager, philanthropist said the following:

“Principles are fundamental truths that serve as the foundations for behaviour that gets you what you want out of life. They can be applied again and again in similar situations to help you achieve your goals.”

In other words, the transformation of life begins when we understand the principles and the foundations that builds life.  Every great building has a foundation, a structure and a purpose and from the foundation to completion, there are principles that must be adhered to in order for the building to be annualised with its purpose in mind.  We must understand that humans are buildings with foundations, structure and purpose. Therefore, anyone who desires to get the best out of life must treat it like a building and apply all the principles required.

This is from where we derive life’s principles of living. These are core fundamental laws, concepts and systems in which an individual can leverage from in order to produce something out of life if desired.  Whilst, everyone has their own individual beliefs by which they choose to live by, based on what is important to them, there are some principles for living your best life that everyone shares.  It doesn’t matter how big or small your visions happen to be, they require the same shared laws and principles, same foundation and structure.

Vision is nothing more than a nightmare when it ends up only as a day dream

Tony Uche Seed Okwum


In order to translate your vision to reality, you need consistency and audacity because it is never going to be easy.  The toughest part of life is not conception but giving birth.    Success is created through strategy, support and state.  A how, a who and a why, the clear vision that will guide you to your goals is the ‘why’.


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