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Name My Life
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Freedom is a fundamental human right. Nobody has the right to hold or restrict anybody’s movement against their will or consent. But when it comes to freedom from debt, nobody imprisons the victim rather the victim becomes his own self-captor.

Financial indebtedness is a major cause of most human miseries and poverty. Debt is classed as financial sickness or disease because it has the potential to destroy a life or render it invalid both mentally, physically and psychologically. In worst cases debt can cause death.



Is there any remedy and way out of debt? What are the root causes of financial indebtedness? This nightmare can create panic, nervous breakdown and sometimes mental sickness. Why do people get into debt and what is the role of the financial institutions and government in this dilemma?


Freedom From Debt Near me

There are factors that lead to debt and make people unable to resist the lure and urge to get into it. It is possible to live without debt but unfortunately most people have debt of different amount on their head either imposed or self-inflicted debts. The shocking thing now is that these days financial indebtedness cuts across all age group which makes it much harder to tackle because most of the time it is self-inflicted debts. Freedom from debt should be everyone’s aspiration and vision because a life of continues indebtedness makes you a prisoner of self-captor. But you can come out of any type of captivity if you believe it when you apply the power of your mind.

This book will throw great light on so many issues about debt, how to identify the causes of debt and how to work towards getting out of it.


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