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Name My Life
ISBN-10 0553213873
Language English

The Power of Your Mind

What is the mind? Do you know how your mind work? Have you been able to capture, harness, deployed and benefited from the vast resources and power of your mind?

With all certainty, the mind is the most powerful and wealthiest entity of humanity. It is the engine that drive life and existence. It can make you rich or power, powerful or weak, joyful or sad. The mind can produce for you whatever you ask it to. It can increase or decrease you and bring you into light or still keep you in the darkest part of life. As long as someone has not lost his mind, he has lost nothing at all. The mind can produce anything, it can grow it and harvest it for you.


The Power Of Your Mind


This book will reveal to you the process and how the mind works. It will open a world to you that will help you see the power of your mind and the purpose of your mind. You will also realise that the mind is a farmland always hungry for more. How do you train your mind to extract and explore the best in it? This book will give you the guideline and education of how to do that.

The Power Of Your Mind Book Near me 

All you need in this life to survive is not a strong body, vast education or enough money but you need the power of the mind. Without the power of the mind, you can lose all you have in life. The position you find yourself today is probably as a result of what you know or didn’t know, or what you did or didn’t do through the process and capacity (power) of your mind. And in this life, it’s never too late to learn and make a change. A changed mind is a changed life.

Get your mind up and running and get the best out of it after reading this book.


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