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Name My Life
ISBN-10 0553213873
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Businesses grow and advance on the power ofsatisfied loyal customers who have developed a trusting relationship with such business. No business survive without customers. They are the livewire of any business. They bring in the money and profit to sustain the business and the power of loyal customerscan’t be underestimated. Therefore to know how to attract them is key and the power to retain them is the most powerful instrument.


The Power To Attract And Retain Your Customers


There are minor things that businesses have to adopt to improve sales and trust in the customers. These minor adjustments are most of the times overlooked and trivialised which could send a wrong signal to the customers. Customer satisfaction is the root cause of business prosperity and foundation of long lasting generational companies.

The power of a satisfied single loyal customer is five times likely to bring in ten more customers into the business.The customer is king because he determines the direction of where his money goes. And any business that knows how to attract and retain these type of customers will surely survive as long as the spending power of the customers is not affected.

Learn how to attract your customers and also retain them in this book when you take practical steps highlighted in this book.

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