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Name My Life
ISBN-10 0553213873
Language English

Who is a real man

The world today has completely redefined lots of things. Today people define things in their own terms and conveniences as personal truths. And this trend extends to the true definition of who a real man is. Who is a real man? How do you define a real man? Is he physical or spiritual? What are his true compositions and constituents? Is what makes a real man inward or outward? Who is this male figure called man? There are lots of question to answer about it.This book will give you most of the answers about the real man.


Who is a real man

This book will change your thinking, reasoning and action and shift you into a different realm of knowledge and definition of manhood. What people define today as manhood is simply based on world view and not based on truth because world view in some cases is confusing and inadequate to give us the actual meaning of things because it is based on individualism, personal preferences and experiences.

To get the right definition of anything helps in proper understanding of the purpose and application of such to the greater benefit of all. The knowledge, understanding anddefinition of a real man will help in solving most of the problems we face today. The male figure is here on earth for a purpose and until he truly understand it and apply that knowledge, he may not fully enjoy who he is, and use it in changing the world around him.


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